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Mesquitas  Biography

For as far back as Rafa can remember music was always a prominent factor getting through the days growing up. But it wasn’t
until 2004 that his career path as a musician was shaped. During his family vacation in Amsterdam Rafa walked into a music store
and stared love in the eyes for the first time. Eventually buying the black and white guitar on which he would later set out to rock out.
Living on the tropical island of Aruba opportunities to grow as a musician weren’t widely available, and finding gigs for his band was
very hard. Growing tired of playing birthday events, Rafa together with a couple of friends opted to take matters into their own hands.
During Rafa’s teen years he played for various bands on the island at local events. Being the organising party for most of these events
hisself or with the help of a couple of friends he quickly grasped the concept of networking and building a strong portfolio. These trades
would prove useful later on in his career. Making the move to Europe in 2006 in The Netherlands for the second time Rafa would
encounter his true love.
In late 2007 together with a group of likeminded friends Rafa started a collective in Eindhoven called MProductionz, a platform for
young talented DJS, Producers and VJS to showcase their work. Taking over an old towns cafe and turning it into a ravers haven.
These events were happily accepted and the collective grew to different cities in The Netherlands.
Besides earning his very first residency as a DJ, Rafa also had himself a job as the Club Programmer for Club Fifties Eindhoven. Later
becoming resident DJ to many other events and clubs in The Netherlands. Having worked with some of the biggest
headliners in the industry today, both as a DJ and Promoter Rafa learned first had hand how to push the envelope to higher levels.
Showing his diversity time after time again performing in almost every City of The Netherlands. This gave Rafa the
confidence to per sew a career as a musician. It didn’t take long before neighbouring countries got wind of Rafa and soon he set
out to places like Berlin, Londen, Barcelona, Antwerp and many other techno havens. It was the start of something beautiful and
Rafa had front row seats to the show.
In the studio Rafa is no stranger publishing his earliest work in Januari 2009 and later putting out over 30 tracks not counting
his work as various aliasses or colabs. Making his way to the charts both in digital stores as on vinyl. Being supported and played by
the likes of Richie Hawtin, Dubfire, Tale of Us, Laurent Garnier, Jeff Mills, Paco Osuna, Loco Dice, and a whole list of A listers Rafa
has no ambitions to leave it at that. This coming year already has 6 record deals signed with a whole lot more where that came from,
it will prove to be a crusial one.
Rafa has a special talent for music, combined with his love and dedication he shares this passion with anyone who wants to
experience it. Being it in a classroom teaching music production, in the studio making beats, presenting
his radio show sharing music he loves and promoting artist that inspire him or as the amazing DJ he is. Rafa’s ultimate goal is to be a
voice in the industry. Working together with Arno Stolz running Proper Musique, a new record label that has been turning heads
in just 1 year of excistence. Rafa comes closer to that goal every day, bridging the gap between him and what ones seemed impossible.
Rafa Mesquitas has all the ingredients to excel in this high demanding industry, and promises not to stop until he does so.

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