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New York

Wonji  Biography

Wonji born in Brooklyn,New York 1972 is one of four sons in a family of musicians who started his music career playing the trumpet in jr. high band.With these early skills in music he soon started playing other instruments including,guitars,drums,most brass instruments and soon after at the age of 14 discovered turntables.Hip Hop was one of his biggest infuences at that time and encouraged him to think of creative ways to hear and play sounds from the tables.Soon after he started playing private parties,events and such.But there seemed to be somethig missing…..

At the age of 17 he decided to move to South Florida,Miami and this is where he was introduced to « The House Sound ».With a past in latin music,disco and R&B Wonji decided to twist and meld these sounds together in his live sets which led him to move to his next step, producing.

By 1999 House music had evolved so much with many new and updated sounds Wonji could not resist getting involved in production. »Musical

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