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Underground Flavor Guest : Caylus 2017-05-12 (Total Groove Radio)

Underground Flavor Guest : Caylus 2017-05-12 (Total Groove Radio)




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This Week Underground Flavor and Locked Records Invite Caylus  on Total Groove Radio


DjCaylus is a multi-instrumentalist and Minimal techno Deejay born in Belgium in 1980.

He begun to play house and techno in the mid 90ies. Played in places like “Fuse Bruxelles” “Louise Gallery” “Caves de la Chappelle” “Metz” in techno or house music. He also had 2 radio emissions a week “Caylus@Hardstuff” for techno and “Caylus@Groovalicious” for the house sounds  FrequenceMetz.

In the early 2000, Caylus also played @Dalis bar with Deejay Satanas. Meet djs like DaveKane, DjMurielRenoir, AnthonySpallino, Stafen, TimotyFealz, StelR, Reda, Ikko,… and many others in many different places in Belgium.

In 2010 Caylus begun to learn guitar and produce his first album rock / Psychedelic / Folk in 2015. 2015 was also the year of the first Stages at “LaBoiteàZic” “DegelePoraa” “LeRideauRouge”,… The second album is coming in 2017 and the constitution of a rock band to play the garage rock songs live to.

Caylus never really stop djing but really came back on the electronic stages in end 2016, motivated by an old friend “NanoBeat” owner of the label Locked Records, and the regain of Turntables in parties. Caylus mixed his love of Techno and minimal sounds with psychedelic rock influences to prepare 3 decks + live acting with grooveboxes and instruments performance.

Be aware… and come to hear and see me live !