If you think you are an upcoming producer for electronic music like Locked Records style, you can upload your demos to any filehosting service and send us the link by email to: lockedrec@gmail.com
We love Underground Music


Total GrOOve Radio is an Amazing Radio Concept !
24H/24H & 7/7 Just Non-Stop Electronic Music
Deep House, House Music, Tech-House, Electronica, Progressive, Nu Disco, Deep Lounge and Beach House…
Full DJ Sets, Remix and Live Events Music

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Underground Flavor Guest Nanobeat 2017-06

Underground Flavor – guest Kolnizer 2017-06-09

Underground Flavor guest Caylus 2017-06-02 Total Groove Radio

Nanobeat – Pitch Control / Underground Flavor 2017-05-26 Total Groove Radio

Underground Flavor invite Joe Vanditti & Neshga

Underground Flavor Guest : Caylus 2017 – 05 – 12 (Total Groove Radio)

Minimal Disturb 2017-04-21 Total Groove Radio Underground Flavor Session By Nanobeat

Nanobeat @ Vamos Club Liveset 2017-03-31 (FR) Total Groove Radio

Minimal Guest Underground Flavor Liveset by Caylus 2017-03-28 Total Groove Radio

Nanobeat Water Deep Liveset  2017-03-18 Total Groove Radio