If you think you are an upcoming producer for electronic music like Locked Records style, you can upload your demos to any filehosting service and send us the link by email to: lockedrec@gmail.com
We love Underground Music


Underground Flavor Session 2017-03-25 by Nanobeat

Caylus Room Guest Nanobeat 2017-03-04

Nanobeat – Underground Flavor 2017-02-25

Underground Flavor  Guest Session by Caylus 2017-01-20

Underground Flavor  mixed by nanobeat 2016-10-15

Nanobeat B-day Guest Davhelos 2016-12-06

Underground Flavor Session Nanobeat 2016-10-09

Underground Flavor Session Guest Kolnizer 2016-12-20

Deep Flavor Nanobeat B-day Guest Kdrian 2016-12-06